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11/10/2013 - Winter has come to the lands.
10/1/2013 - In the middle of fall, a series of howls filled the night sky. The Sosimo pack was making itself known to the world. This ancient pack, older than our calender, has struggled through the famine for survival. This land, who many believed was unclaimed, had a pack all along. Enrai is looking for people to adopt wolves for this pack. Interested? CLICK HERE The pack will be set up in the coming days. Congrats to Xem for becoming alpha!
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Venarius, Lara, Loner
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--OOC Details--
Your name: Ezek
Current characters: None

--In Character Details--
Full Name: Lara Venarius

Age: Three Years

Birth month: March

Gender: Female

Species: Arctic

Starting Skills: +165 points
level four in all tiers= - 120
Level Five in Agility= - 20
Level Five in Stamina= - 20
Total= 165-160= 5 points left

Roleplay Sample: It was time again to part ways with another friendly face. The black male was nice, however their time together was short lived. They managed to just state each other's name and where they were headed. Oddly enough it seemed to be in the same general direction and this filled Lara with hope of seeing him again sometime. He came from a place called Tevinia which she had never heard before. She didn't feel like going where he came from, her sights were somewhere familiar. She's heard about Enrai plenty of times, and wanted to be in a place that sounded almost pure.

Snow had begun to fall as she left the forest behind and came to a steep incline where a large river ran below. The winter was too fresh for there to be any ice, but that would soon change if it got any colder. Trotting close to the edge of the surging river, she dipped her head to lap in the freezing cold water. It had felt very refreshing, as her last drink was last dusk. The sun had been setting again, with shadows creeping out to cast everything in darkness. She decided to start following the river with the current. She kept an eye out for any small prey. Bingo not too far away was a hare, already white for winter. She got into a low stance and was careful of her step. Luckily there wasn't much snow on the ground that would make her presence even more noticeable.

With the wind changing directions, she was no longer down wind. Just my luck, she thought to herself. Becoming a little frustrated she broke into a powerful stride knowing that the hare would pick up the scent in a moment. The hare turned its head and managed to escape the arctic wolf's snapping jaws. Cursing, Lara pushed even harder, slowly catching up to her future meal. At last when it was in reach she made a final leap with all her strength and bit down on the hare's hindquarters. The female could feel the bones crushing under her jaws. The hare let out a painful cry as it lay broken in her mouth. It was barely alive, and she snapped its neck to end the misery.

After eating that fine meal, the snow had completely blanketed everything in a light dusting. The flakes had become increasingly larger before stopping abruptly. Feeling a bit tired, Lara decided to have a small nap. Her dreams brought back some painful memories. Of being betrayed by her brother, and having to put all she learned from him to the test. The only difference was in this dream she was her current age of three years. Her brother had become as old as he would have if he were still living which was four. He stood with blood covering his maw and chest. He smiled maliciously at her. His eyes were filled with pure hatred, something she had never seen before inside him. Then with a menacing growl he charged straight towards her. This time it looked like he was going to win the bloody fight.

With a gasp Lara woke up, heart thumping. The dream had twisted the memory into something far worse. It was now pitch black all around. Wind ruffling her fur as it seemed to blow with the same rage that her brother had. The whole day had been going well, except for her sleep lately. For the past days her dreams haunted her, becoming worse and worse each time. This time she was actually going to die in her dream. He was never that angry, he may have wanted to kill me in the end but that was due to a sickness. Something changed him, this dream made it seem like he truly wanted to taste my blood. Her thoughts were accompanied by a small whimper as this is not how she wanted to remember him. She didn't hate him after he went mad. Lara just wanted to remember all the good times she had. All the things he taught her. Hopefully things will be well here, she needed to find somebody like him, only sane this time.
Nov 14, 12:25 PM @ (url)
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