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News Time!
11/10/2013 - Winter has come to the lands.
10/1/2013 - In the middle of fall, a series of howls filled the night sky. The Sosimo pack was making itself known to the world. This ancient pack, older than our calender, has struggled through the famine for survival. This land, who many believed was unclaimed, had a pack all along. Enrai is looking for people to adopt wolves for this pack. Interested? CLICK HERE The pack will be set up in the coming days. Congrats to Xem for becoming alpha!
10/1/2013 - Today is Enrai's grand opening! We are finally out of the beta testing phase and while things are not perfect, we have progressed far enough to advertise Enrai to the world. I hope you would be interested in joining us! (Lindsey)
The Unique Rangers, Andee & Eliyah
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Andee (Andromeda) Astrophel
Andee was born a female in a pack far far away. However, Andee never thought she was a female and always referred to herself as a man. By Andee's second year, he fully embraced who he should have been and never looked back.

Due to a volcanic disaster, Andee was split from most his family, only to reunite with a few when he returned home. He became alpha of his home pack, before it fell apart, leaving him depressed and no where to go. He felt he had caused the pack to disband. Luckily, he ran across his brother Aleron in his travels and came to Enrai.

Andee believes in being kind to women and treats them like flowers in a garden. He is respectful and kind and understands problems in life.

Potential Plots:
- Finding a wolf who hates him due to being a "male" or does not understand it.
- Either a female crushing on him, and Andee not knowing how to deal with it.
- Or a female Andee can crush on and freak out about, as no one would want a he-she.

Eliyah Sanctus
Born in Enrai to Sosimo, he was taught he was better than everyone else. However, he does not believe this to be true and is the main rebellion in the pack. He believes everyone is equal and should just have fun and get along. He likes to party, cause trouble and flirt with any female he can get his hands on. He is the personification of a bad college boy.

Inside, he has a heart of gold and will do just about anything for his friends and wolves he loves. He acts all tough to his friends but he is truly a sweety. He just often fucks it up by thinking with his little head instead of his big head.

Potential Plots
- Fooling around with someone/ friends with benefits.
- he needs a bro.

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