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de Wilde, Ignatius
Nov 08, 02:22 PM @ (url)
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--OOC Details--
Your name: Osis.
Current characters: Melanchra

--In Character Details--
Full Name: Ignatius de Wilde (name change to Ignatius forplz?)
Age: 4 years
Birth month: Feb
Gender: Male
Species: ¼ Arabian x ¼ Tundra x ½ Mackenzie Valley
Starting Skills: 260 skill points to start
Quote:            Strength 4 (30pts)
            Agility: 6 (85pts)
            Knowledge: 6 (85pts)
            Stamina: 5 (50pts)
10 points remaining (right?)

Roleplay Sample:
splendor reached against the fluid make of his spine. it was generous as its fingers entwined itself against the burnished fleece. he spited each shadow, each lingering murk. it's gossamer fingers beckoned, seemingly curling towards the melanistic stranger. his stride pulled him through the woodland, and the sun struggled to catch him. it's glow was humbled by the lithe, and naked fingers of the trees. with each lift of a breeze came another cascade of crimson, gold and fiery orange. even at dawn, the forest was not still. solitude would not be found there within the vale. his eyes, their venom, greeted the sight. his gaze was pushed towards the sky. the indigo of what was once night was being slowly devoured by the sun's ascent. on the horizon, the violet bled into the self-same colors of the failing leaves. it would have pleased him more, but ahead and behind came the chittering of squirrels. their barking struck the air, too much like a whip. too much like the crackle of thunder. he was not besmirched. in some way, he'd seemed to welcome it. his halt was not sudden. his steps, they slowly eased into a moment of pause. the posture was erect, righted. the length of his merlot-stained nape strained, arched so that his eyes could seek further past the pale trunks of the trees. his whiskers offered a brief twitch, and his ears cupped towards the resounding alarm of the fleeing rodents. they had given chase, only to quiet to when he fell still. he knew they'd resume their incessant chatter. he knew it would not be much longer til they would announce the arrival of another.

the air grew ill. the electricity surmounted by the weight of another's presence. the essence now rife with the passions of hell-bound hearts. he spied her, the cast of venom eyes rested upon the titian wash of the stray. his attentions faltered, breaking so to lance those above with reprimand. he bade them quiet, to hold their voice clenched and bound. he'd not been given away. and perhaps, on any other occasion he would have continued on his travels. this was a thought that now lingered within consciousness. he'd never been one to stride upwards, never been one wholly given to the social needs of any kind. any words now, their syllables tasted of bile and regret. his tongue was frozen and silenced. by the good grace of fate ( oh truly, to break the fourth wall: this writer ) an uncharacteristic impulse drove itself deep into the dark threads of his heart. to him, it was curiosity. to baphomet it was a passing fancy and something to be entertained at least this once. for, if he hadn't the moment would have gone far too uneventful. it would have been a premature end to what might be a boring chapter in his travels.

he'd stepped nearer, but without hunger -- without the thirst one may have had in approaching a creature so effervescent. the steps were taken lightly, retracing the direction he had come. it was by this avenue, he'd veer off and circle about so to take the woman from another angle. his brow arched itself above the absinthe-kisses of his eyes; and a lip, curled itself at the corner in some half-attempted sneer. finding himself perpendicular to the stranger, he'd found himself with a flattering view of the stranger. and from there, he could see she'd lacked joy and amusement. no, it was stoicism that had claimed residence there and he was quite unsure. it was then, the impulse to leave passed over him once more. and this time it was a stronger, far more tidal draw of instinct. ignoring this, the warmth of his voice invaded the cool silence of morning. the syllables lifted from his lips, pushed by the coral tongue and found themselves expelled in the form of pallid mist. "do you not enjoy the morning hour?"[/justify]
Nov 08, 02:36 PM @ (url)
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