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Navarro, Lysander, Loner
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--OOC Details--
Your name: soar
Current characters: n/a

--In Character Details--
Full Name: Lysander Navarro
Age: 2 years old
Birth month: May
Gender: Male
Species: Mexican/Eurasian
Starting Skills:

- 5 to Strength (2/10)
- 15 to Stamina (3/10)
- 30 to Agility (4/10)
- 30 to Knowledge (4/10)

- 10 points left over

Roleplay Sample:

Endless want to destroy and mutilate flooded Lucifer's mind along with joy and together they blinded him and made him temporarily numb to pain. He did not even feel the bones in his left paw breaking when Chatere launched herself towards him. Not even when his broken ankle slammed against Chatere's forelegs, along with his good paw, with such force that it shattered. All he felt was the thick liquid spurting out of his red opponent's newly opened wounds. He could taste the metallic tang of the female's blood as his teeth sliced down her chest as they crashed into each other. He could also feel bitter disappointment when he realised that he had missed her pretty head. A loud sound bubbled out of his chest, either in pleasure or anger. Or both. The female's body landed on top of him and he felt another breath being pushed out of his lungs. What was it with those wolves and sitting? But he had braced himself for Chatere's attack, unlike when Tezcatlipoca attacked, and he was able to push himself out from under her heavy ass, but not without a struggle. Stones rolled uncomfortably underneath his body, scratching at his skin like a caress compared to Chatere's volley of vicious attacks coming above him.

There were many new wounds all over Lucifer's body and he thought he could faintly felt a piece of his tail being ripped away. But nevertheless he twisted and returned Chatere's attacks with his own, though his attacks were weaker than the bitch's but he refused to stop even though his chest was rising and falling fast and desperately. He was the weakest fighter in this arena and he knew it, though he refused to stop, refused to give in. Hell, why would he give in when he was enjoying this? Blood was trickling from every part of his body, painting his already red fur deep red. Then, almost out of nowhere, the black shadow darted in and snatched Lucifer's chest with his large canines as the smaller wolf tried to rear to attack Chatere again. The sensation of pain returned as both Lucifer and Tezcatlipoca pulled away in the opposite directions, tearing the skin from his chest.

He stumbled backwards and stopped momentarily to catch his breath as the pain stole his conciousness. The wolf was a pitiful sight; standing there with a broken ankle, a large hole in his chest, and various scratches all over his body. But neither of his opponents could wipe the wide smirk off of his lips. He... liked this. Bleeding, hurting and being hurt gave him pleasure and joy he did not know before. He felt alive, which was rather ironic since he was basically bleeding to death here. Chatere was still advancing towards him, teeth and claws flashing as she hissed, "I will end you, Lucifer. I will push your body into the abyss, and there you shall rot!". Energised by the rolling waves of pain, he went forwards to meet her, "W...Would like... to see you... try, lady." He quickly raised his brows at her and licked his bared teeth before, through her flurry of claws and teeth, attempting to sink his teeth into her neck and push her away. Despite the dark devil giving him a possibly fatal wound, Tezcatlipoca was forgotten. Chatere was all he could see, all he could hear, and all he could smell now. He never thought his first experience with the... Malmordre to be this... exhilarating. Though he still thought the two wolves as a couple of bullies, he did not hate them. Why would he hate them if they gave him pleasure like he had never experienced before? Why would he if they opened his eyes to a whole new world of pain and blood, a world he did not know he had been missing?

Nov 07, 11:14 AM @ (url)
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