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News Time!
11/10/2013 - Winter has come to the lands.
10/1/2013 - In the middle of fall, a series of howls filled the night sky. The Sosimo pack was making itself known to the world. This ancient pack, older than our calender, has struggled through the famine for survival. This land, who many believed was unclaimed, had a pack all along. Enrai is looking for people to adopt wolves for this pack. Interested? CLICK HERE The pack will be set up in the coming days. Congrats to Xem for becoming alpha!
10/1/2013 - Today is Enrai's grand opening! We are finally out of the beta testing phase and while things are not perfect, we have progressed far enough to advertise Enrai to the world. I hope you would be interested in joining us! (Lindsey)

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After reading the rules of Enrai, this is the place you post to join your character. Adoptions
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by Lindsey on
Nov 14, 12:25 PM

Out Of Character
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General Discussion
Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board. It does not even have to be related to this site or in fact related to anything at all. This is where you can relax and get to know the other role-players on Enrai.
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Graphics Hideout
Graphically challenged? You can request pictures for your character here. Graphically gifted? Set up a request board for those who are less fortunate. Just feel the need to show off? Go ahead, someone is bound to praise your work. This thread will now serve as a home for our artists.
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by soar on
Nov 12, 03:26 AM
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Specific Details
Not only is this the place to update the site with news, births, fights, etc; it is also used for requesting threads or plots with other members and posting post logs. You also come here to suggest improvements and ideas to the site. Threadage, Storage
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by Osis on
Aug 20, 11:03 AM

End of the Line
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The history book of Enrai and it's inhabitants. It will contain both the OOC and IC histories as well as significant events that have happened. Year 1 Archive, OOC Archive
Forum Contains New Posts ACTIVITY CHECK!!!
by irofkdLef on
Nov 02, 02:11 AM
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Portals to Elsewhere
Do you have a site you wish to advertise? Or perhaps you want to be one of our allies for world domination (or just friends). This is the place where all of that happens. The password is: links

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