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News Time!
11/10/2013 - Winter has come to the lands.
10/1/2013 - In the middle of fall, a series of howls filled the night sky. The Sosimo pack was making itself known to the world. This ancient pack, older than our calender, has struggled through the famine for survival. This land, who many believed was unclaimed, had a pack all along. Enrai is looking for people to adopt wolves for this pack. Interested? CLICK HERE The pack will be set up in the coming days. Congrats to Xem for becoming alpha!
10/1/2013 - Today is Enrai's grand opening! We are finally out of the beta testing phase and while things are not perfect, we have progressed far enough to advertise Enrai to the world. I hope you would be interested in joining us! (Lindsey)
The forest inevitably gives way to the snowy tundra, and with the thinning of the trees comes more and more of a flattish expanse of snow plains. Very little vegetation can be found here, and likewise, there is little in the way of prey. Mostly, snowshoe hares and arctic foxes live here, along with polar bears and seals, though the latter can be found more towards the ocean. It isn't common to find them, but sometimes moose are spotted here, trying to dig up whatever nutrient-lacking, frozen grasses that lie beneath the snow. Throughout the tundra, caves are littered, carved by the driving winds of past snowstorms. test
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