Full Version: ACTIVITY CHECK!!!
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Members have until December 1st to post here or else their accounts will be moved to inactive.

[b]OOC Name:[/b]
[b]IC Character: [/b]
OOC Name: Lindsey
IC Character: Andee
Pack/Rank: Loner

IC Character: Eliyah
Pack/Rank: Sosimo/Tau
OOC Name: emmy
IC Character: vera
Pack/Rank: loner
OOC Name: Aztec
IC Character: Vallaki
Pack/Rank: none
OOC Name: soar
IC Character: Lye
Pack/Rank: Loner
OOC Name: Essie
IC Character: Sinclair
Pack/Rank: None/Loner
OOC Name: Rebel
IC Character: Evander
Pack/Rank: None/Loner
OOC Name: Ezek
IC Character: Lara
Pack/Rank: Loner
IC Character: Ignatius
Pack/Rank: Loner
OOC Name: Kaylin
IC Character: Rhexia
Pack/Rank: Sosimo/Omega
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